Kimmie Warner

Kimmie moved to Chicago in 1994 to pursue her one true passion, improvisation.  She is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory, iO and the Annoyance Theaters.  She helped found The Playground Theater.  Currently, she is a faculty member of The Second City Training Center.  She has taught with Act One Studios, Emerald City Theater and an after school program at Columbia College.  Kimmie has participated in Chicago's Big Picture High School mentoring program and volunteers teaching improv to the ladies of Arabella House.  She has performed countless shows in Chicago's premier comedy circuits and has directed at  various venues across the city, including the Taste of Chicago, as well as doing workshops for Caterpillar.

She is a founding member of the critically acclaimed sketch group Dolphins of Damnation, performing six years at Chicago Sketchfest. 

With 14 years of sales experience as a district manager in Chicago beverage distribution she combines those skills with improv teaching everyday.  Kimmie firmly believes that the principles of improv can make people happier, communities healthier and the world a better place.

Kimmie has a B.S. from Indiana State University in kinesiology.


Kevin Reome

Kevin Reome started classes in 1993 at The Second City Training Center in Chicago studying under Don DePollo and Martin de Maat and also at io Chicago with Del Close. He is a founding member of the long-form improv team Inside Vladimir which performed as a house team at io and The Playground Theater, as well as at the New York Improv Fest. Kevin starred in The Real, Real World with the Upright Citizens Brigade at the Del Close Theater in 1995.

He has taught improv at the University of Michigan and coached improv troupes in Ann Arbor and Royal Oak, Michigan and in Chicago, IL.  Currently he teaches at the Second City Training Center in Chicago and has since 2005.

He wrote and starred in a musical called The Eulogist at the Playground Theater in 2001. Kevin starred as Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the 2012 musical that he wrote titled Rahm Zombie.

In 2010 Reome was the video host for monthly webisodes at theWit Hotel in downtown Chicago which ran for 2 years.  In 2013 he hosted a show called Newsprov, combining Chicago news personalities and improvisers, to benefit a charity arts program for inner city youth.

He has appeared on the ABC 7 talk show Windy City Live as well as Fox Chicago, NBC5 Chicago, WBBM Newsradio and WLS Talk Radio.

Kevin worked in education at Ombudsman Educational Services first as a teacher, then as a director of his own school and then as an administrator in charge of training.  He also worked as an insurance agent for over 5 years running the life and health department of his agency. 

Reome has conducted improv workshops for Abbott Pharmaceutical's national sales conference in Montreal, Canada, Task Force Tips (Valparaiso, IN), The Kenrichgroup (Chicago, IL), Forsythe Technology (Skokie, IL).  In 2014 he traveled to Japan for 2 weeks to teach improv for The Second City Training Center.  

Kevin has a B.A. in English and a teaching degree from Western Michigan University.

"You can't be that kid at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it.  You have to go down the chute."

--Tina Fey


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