Yes, fear holds so many of us back from obtaining the goals we seek. Fear creates stagnation and the lack of productivity. Fear can also be the root of a lot of miscommunication in the halls and offices of your workplace. We help eliminate fear. 


How will WorkPlay Improv Help?


Let us show your company that supporting each other’s ideas through improv can create an atmosphere that nurtures, rather than keeps creativity bottled up in fear.  It begins with active-listening.



Being negative is easy, and it all goes back to fear. It seems safer to shoot down ideas rather than take the vulnerable stance for something. Eliminating one’s own negativity fosters a healthy work environment so problem-solving becomes easier. With improv, let us rewire your company’s communication skills to the positive, so everyone can champion concepts, and cooperatively find solutions to common problems. 



Here’s the chance to improvise situations and possibly fail. Failure is a great teacher. Improv is failure without consequences. Repetitions matter. The more experience one has in situations involving interpersonal communications the more confidence one has when real situations present themselves.  




This is the only point you ever need to consider while in one of our workshops. YOU have fun. WE apply the fun to the workplace. Fun is a valid quality necessary for healthy morale and vital to improving the bottom line. 


You have to work anyway—
You might as well work happy